Get To Know: Oase Bitron C 55 & 110 – Unboxing

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Let’s get to know the Oase Bitron C 55 & 110 ultraviolet clarifier (UVC)! The Oase Bitron C UVC clarifiers clean the green out of pond water in either standalone configurations or integrated with Oase filters!

In this video below, we will be unboxing the Bitron C 55 and showing you everything you’ll receive when you first open your box!

Let’s break it down!

The numbers 55 and 110 for the Bitron C refer to the wattages of the UV lamp inside. Water pumped through these clarifiers is exposed to a wavelength of ultraviolet light that stops microorganisms from reproducing, keeping water clear.

Oase Bitron C 55 & 110 product specs table describing the watts, max flow, max pressure, cord length, dimensions, hose size, pond volume and warranty for each product.

Bitron C Clarifiers can qualify for the OASE Clear Water Guarantee when combined with the proper pump and filter.

Oase Bitron C 55 & 110 Clear Water Guarantee table explaining which products are eligible for the Oase Clear Water Guarantee when paired together for a pond.

Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • Manual
  • Warranty information
  • Safety information
  • Bitron C (55 or 110)
  • Fittings

All documentation including what’s printed on the box is in English, French and Spanish. In addition to warranty and safety information, the manual goes over what’s included, installation options, startup and operating instructions and maintenance procedures.

There are three bags of fittings, two for inlet options, one for the outlet options. One bag of inlet fittings contains a four-step adapter for hoses from 3/4” to 2”, with three hose clamps and a flat washer. Because the smaller diameter steps will decrease the flow significantly, a nozzle adapter is included for low flow applications – we’ll talk about that when we open the unit.

Oase Bitron C inlet fittings bag contents laid out on a table: hose clamps, 0.75"-2" stepped hose adapter for inlet, inlet nozzle adapter, union nut and flat sealing ring

The next inlet bag contains a single union adapter and gasket that fits both 1-1/2”and 2” Schedule 40 pipe.

Oase Bitron C inlet fittings bag contents laid out on a table: flat gasket and 1.5"-2" SCH 40 union adapter

The outlet bag includes two stepped adapters for 3/4”to 1-1/2” hose, two hose clamps for large and small hoses, and all the gaskets needed for both inline and filter-mounted applications. If Clarifier is to be used in-line, only one inlet is needed so there’s a cap and flat gasket to seal the unused inlet.

Oase Bitron C outlet fittings bag contents laid out on a table: cover cap, flat sealing rings, union nut, 0.75"-2" stepped hose adapter, hose clamps and flat gaskets

In these applications the Clarifier must always be mounted horizontally, right side up.

Oase Bitron C horizontal mounting legs

The Bitron C attaches directly to a number of Oase pond filters, including the BioSmart, BioTec Screenmatic2 and ProfiClear series.

The output ports on the Bitron line up with corresponding inlets on the pond filters. Regardless of mounting option, two bypass valves adjust water flow to optimize ultraviolet exposure – set both handles to the actual flow rate coming from the filter pump.

Oase Bitron C flow rate handle adjuster

The window on top lets you see that the lamp is emitting light; it’s safe to look at because it filters out harmful UV rays.

Oase Bitron C UVC lamp window

To open the housing for periodic cleaning or bulb replacement, turn the locking screw to the unlock symbol, then depress the blue button and twist the head counter-clockwise to the stop. Pull the quartz sleeve straight out, bearing in mind the seal may be stiff.

The cleaning rotor rides on the outside of the sleeve powered by the flow of water from the pump. Fins on the end spin the rotor, which then scrapes off any debris on the screen. For low flow applications the nozzle inserts into the inlet farthest from the head to concentrate the incoming water flow onto the fins of the rotor.

And that’s everything you need to know about unboxing the Oase Bitron C 55 and 110 UV Clarifier but were afraid to ask! Stay tuned for our next blog and video where we’ll install an Oase Bitron C!

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