College of Construction

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The College of Construction offers courses in the departments of Ponds, Pond-free Waterfalls, Fountains and Special Topics. Choose a department to begin.

College of Pumps

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The College of Pumps covers basic introductory topics from basic pump components to measurements of volume and pressure, pump sizing and the four types of pumps commonly used for water features.

College of Filtration

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The College of Filtration covers the many topics of filtration including, but not limited to Mechanical Filtration, Biological Filtration, Natural Filtration, and the “Un-Filters”.

College of Biology

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The College of Biology is meant to be a simple at-a-glance guide to the critters and bugs, large and small, you’re going to see in and around the pond, focusing on the ones with the greatest potential impact on your water feature.

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