College of Pumps Final Exam:

Answer the following questions to earn your certificate of completeion of the College of Pumps. When you are finished, fill out the form and we will send you your Certificate of Completion and/or badge in the mail!

1. Centrifugal pumps need                      in the volute to start pumping.
2. External pumps are specially designed to                     , usually using a special basket.
3. Submersible pumps are the first choice of contractors and homeowners because?
4. The GPH of a pump varies with the...
5. TRUE or FALSE. Pressure can be expressed either in psi or feet of head, where 1 psi =7.56 feet of head.
6. TRUE or FALSE. Restrictive plumbing cuts down on flow, adds to operating costs and kills pumps.
7. The height of waterfall in feet plus the Friction Head equals                               .
8. To create a clean sheet of water off a sharp edge, it requires about...
9. TRUE or FALSE. The four types of pumps in common use for water features are Direct Drive, Axial, Magnetic Induction and Asynchronous Pumps.
10.  Asynchronous Hybrids combine the                      of Direct Drives with the efficiency of                     .
11. Pumps will last longest and perform best when run at their...
12. Partial blockage of the                      of the pump can lead to ovreheating and premature failure.
13. TRUE or FALSE. Two half-size pumps will always use less electricity than a single double-size pump of the same type
14. Suction Cavitation can easily be controlled by installing                       in the outlet plumbing.
15. Suction Cavitation can lead to damage of both the pump                      and the                      .
16. The Friction Loss Coefficient Chart tells you how much friction there is in the...
17. TRUE or FALSE. The Fitting Friction Loss Chart lists additional tubing lengths per fitting to add to the tubing for friction calculations
18. Lowering the TDH with less restrictive plumbing will save you                         .
19.  The Tubing Flow Rates Chart helps the installer maximize plumbing                          .