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We supply unique, environmentally friendly, holistic and forward-thinking system solutions in the area of WATER TECHNOLOGY that are precisely tailored to your requirements. From the technical treatment of water and the filtering out of sensitive ingredients to near-natural therapy methods for gently remediating a wide range of water bodies such as ponds, swimming lakes, fish farms or water hazards on golf courses and preserving them as ecosystems. Our disruptive innovations ensure that your water quality requirements are met precisely and permanently.  

We treat water, carefully and naturally.

Preserving natural resources so they are available for use in the future – this is precisely the task that our OASE WATER TECHNOLOGY is addressing. With sound knowledge and highly qualified specialists, we develop innovative, sustainable solutions to keep water bodies healthy, beautiful and functional in the long term (be they recreational ponds, bathing lakes, fish farms, nature reserves or dams) or to treat water in urban systems in a technically clean and gentle way.

 It is imperative that the system does not have any negative impact on the natural ecosystem. This is the case with our SchlixX Plus innovative water therapy solution for sludge reduction, or with the external treatment of drinking and fountain water, which works solely with substances that are already present in the water. In any case, as a private owner, society, local authority or association, you can rely on OASE WATER TECHNOLOGY to provide comprehensive service throughout the entire process, professional scientific analyses and consulting as well as sophisticated "Made in Germany" products – for the best possible water quality.    


SchlixX Plus wins “German Award for Sustainability Projects”

In July 2021, OASE SchlixX Plus received the “German Award for Sustainability Projects” in the Technology/Environmental Protection category. The award is presented annually by the Deutsche Institut für Service-Qualität (German Institute for Service Quality). Under the patronage of Dr Brigitte Zypris, Germany’s former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, the high-calibre judging panel praised the innovative and sustainable mode of action of SchlixX Plus, which makes use of phosphate binding, microbial sludge removal and oxygen delivery. We feel very honoured – and will use this as an incentive for future innovations.


What matters: clean performance right from the start.

Water is a living system, and each body is different and special. We use this knowledge to approach every task – from in-depth analyses and the preliminary determination of causes to the recommendation and implementation of the optimal treatment, we oversee the entire process of water remediation or treatment in your unique environment.


Straight to the point: water therapy.

From golf course ponds to large dams, there are no limits when it comes to our on-site water therapy. Whether it's too much sludge, too many nutrients or too little oxygen, we find the perfect, most effective solution.

Just what you need: technical water treatment.

Depending on the intended use and function, water must have specific properties. But if it doesn't, we can make sure it does. Our innovative systems for targeted water treatment, which ensure stable, clear water up to drinking water quality according to strict German guidelines.  


Helping you see more clearly: This is the philosophy behind our work.

Water treatment is not just a complex, challenging task from a technical or bio-chemical point of view. Often, it is also necessary to address the most varied questions and reservations with commitment and expertise in order to be able to prove and substantiate the demonstrably gentle effect in the long term.


Like water off a duck's back: Our products.

Innovative technology, sustainable and environmentally friendly results and highly cost-effective – that is what characterises the OASE WATER TECHNOLOGY product range. Developed and produced in Germany with the highest quality and safety standards.


Made in Germany: The best quality for your success. 

As specialists for sustainable Lake Therapy and innovative technical water treatment, OASE Water Technology develops effective products and holistic solutions to achieve your water quality requirements in an environmentally friendly way.


When it comes to service, we are in our element.

Do you have a specific request, need more detailed information or would like to arrange a meeting? Here you will find everything you need at a glance, from brochure downloads to the relevant contact person. Welcome to the OASE WATER TECHNOLOGY service.


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