Keep your pond healthy and balanced.

Subsurface aeration is your solution.

Adding aeration is highly effective at improving oxygen circulation and supplying dissolved oxygen (DO), which improves water quality and overall health of the ecosystem. Our robust line of subsurface aerators work in conjunction with our products to help circulate and add DO, which helps reduce sludge, break down unwanted nutrients, improve fi sh habitat, mitigate foul odors and reduce breeding habitats for nuisance insects. Let our team of experts help you determine proper sizing and quantity for your lake or pond. Click here to learn about the different kits, tubing and accessories we offer. 


Beautify your water bodies.

Floating fountains are your solution.

Bring aeration to the surface in the form of floating fountains which offer aesthetically pleasing views and add beauty and dimension to any water body. Fountains are excellent tools for promoting water circulation and oxygen transfer in shallow ponds. And for the very best results, add subsurface aeration below a floating fountain. Click here to learn more about the fountains we offer.