Lake Therapy

  • Item: 94782
  • Size: 8 lbs.
  • Dosage:  1 block per 8 acre feet (2.6 million gallons)
  • Application: Put the block in the body of water or hang from dock or floating fountain. Following first treatment, reapply after 30 days and then all treatments after that apply every 60 days.
  • Please Note: OASE Professional Lake Therapy products are only available through OASE Professional Authorized Resellers. Please contact us for more information.
Product Details

THE SOLUTION TO YOUR WATER QUALITY ISSUES. Our 8lb Block offers ongoing bacterial maintenance and is designed to provide time-released addition of beneficial bacteria to your body of water. The bacteria will help maintain a proper biological balance in the water by improving dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and helping to reduce ammonia and nitrite levels, as well as noxious odors caused by hydrogen sulfide, dead plant material, and fish waste. Additionally, these bacteria will help with the continued digestion of organic matter in the sediment.

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