Lake Therapy

  • Item: 94775
  • Size: 50 lbs.
  • Dosage: 450 pounds treats 1 acre. 50 pound bag treats 4,882 square feet or 0.11 acres
  • Application: Apply 450 lbs of SchlixX or SchlixX Plus per surface acre for routine treatment. SchlixX Plus typically results in 6–12” of sludge reduction with each application. This product can be applied dry or in a slurry (preferred application). Product should be applied evenly to the surface of the body of water.
  • Please Note: OASE Professional Lake Therapy products are only available through OASE Professional Authorized Resellers. Please contact us at 330-286-6519 for more information.
Product Details

THE SOLUTION TO YOUR ORGANIC SEDIMENT AND RELATED PHOSPHORUS ISSUES. Over time, sludge builds up and stores nutrients, such as phosphorus, increasing the risk for water quality issues. SchlixX Plus is an industry game changer, as it promotes the digestion of organic sediment build up on the bottom of lakes and ponds by releasing oxygen for up to 6 weeks, while simultaneously binding any release of phosphorus. This slow continued release provides superior downward penetration into the bottom sediment, further improving sludge digestion over the long term, as compared to other traditional solutions. This premium offering includes a proprietary strain of bacteria to supercharge the sludge reduction process. With this innovation, one ton of SchlixX Plus has been shown to remove up to 3900 yd3, in a single application, gaining you valuable water depth and reducing or eliminating the need for disruptive and costly dredging. When following our suggested treatment plans, be prepared to improve results, save time, reduce site visits, and exceed all of your lake and pond management goals.