Lake Therapy

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  • Size: 50 lbs.
  • Dosage: 450 pounds treats 1 acre. 50 pound bag treats 4,882 square feet or 0.11 acres
  • Application: Component A (50lb bag) and Component B (5lb bag) should be mixed at the time of application (ratio 10:1). This product can be applied dry or in a slurry (preferred application). Product should be applied evenly to the surface of the body of water. If applying in a dry broadcast, spray off powder residues from plants.
Product Details

PHOSPHATE BINDING & ACCELERATED DIGESTION FOR THE SEDIMENT LAYER. SchlixX Plus reduces organic sediment deposits, eliminating odors caused by decaying organics and binding phosphates. SchlixX Plus stimulates naturally occurring microbiological processes in the sediment. SchlixX Plus actively adds oxygen to the sediment layer through a combination of minerals (component A). This inhibits anaerobic bacteria activity and improves habitat for aerobic bacteria. Component B contains aerobic bacteria that use this habitat to digest the organic build up in the sediment. Additionally, any phosphates are bound, no longer available as a nutrient. SchlixX Plus does not leave residues and is not bioaccumulative.