Lake Therapy

  • Item: 94777
  • Size: 50 lbs.
  • Dosage: Annually, apply dry OptiLake per the following alkalinity guidelines: 1. Total Alkalinity > 60 ppm as CaCO3, apply 270 lb per avg acre-foot 2. Total Alkalinity 30 – 60 ppm as CaCO3, apply 540 lb per avg acre-foot 3. Total Alkalinity < 30 ppm as CaCO3, apply 710 lb per avg acre-foot
  • Application: Dry product should be applied as a dry broadcast evenly across water surface. DO NOT mix with water before application.
  • Please Note: OASE Professional Lake Therapy products are only available through OASE Professional Authorized Resellers. Please contact us at 330-286-6519 for more information.
Product Details

THE SOLUTION TO YOUR pH STABILIZATION ISSUES. If the goal is a productive fishing pond or trophy fishery, desired pH levels are needed to create optimal conditions for plants and fish. As a simpler alternative to liming, an annual OptiLake treatment improves the biology of the water body and promotes the increased biodiversity of aquatic organisms that contribute to a healthy lake environment. This product also reduces the formation of ammonia and toxic side effects. It will generally improve the efficacy of aquatic herbicide and other treatments as well.

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