College of Biology Final Exam:

Answer the following questions to earn your certificate of completeion of the College of Biology. When you are finished, fill out the form and we'll send you your Certificate of Completion and/or badge in the mail!

1. TRUE or FALSE. Algae are considered plants.
2. TRUE or FALSE. Under normal circumstances, algae are considered to be beneficial to an aquatic system.
3. The main basic nutrients for algae are...
4. TRUE or FALSE. Algae constitutes the base of the aquatic food chain.
5. Algae is best controlled by in an aquatic eco-system by...
6. Which type of bacteria is considered most important in an aquatic environment?
7. Bacteria are classified as a                      .
8. The end product of the Nitrifying process is:
9. TRUE or FALSE. Heterotrophic and Nitrifying bacteria have similar Ph and temperature requirements.
10. Nitrifying bacteria perform best when Oxygen saturation is at least:
11. The most abundant animals on Planet Earth, accounting for 80% of the biomass, with over 1 million species, are the lowly...
12. TRUE or FALSE. Fish ponds tend to reduce mosquito populations because females laying eggs get eaten by fish.
13. TRUE or FALSE. The best way to get more Dragonflies to visit your pond is to put out Dragonfly lures.
14. True Bugs differ from True Beetles by having mouthparts, instead of chewing mandibles.
15. One of the best reasons to be diligent about washing your hands after handling Freshwater Snails is that they carry what?
16. The word “Amphibian” means dual or both lives, referring to the fact that all amphibian young live in                      .
17. Newts and Salamanders have the amazing ability to                       limbs, eyes and other organs.
18. The easiest way to discourage Newts and Salamanders from living in your pond is to add                       to the water.
19. Herpetophobes are deathly afraid of                      .
20. The bright colors of amphibians such as frogs, newts and salamanders usually indicate that they are highly                      .
21. The most common group of reptiles in North America are...
22. The most important thing to do when you see a snake is to
23. The two species of venomous snakes that are most likely to be found in and around Southern ponds are                       and                      .
24. The threat display of the Cottonmouth gives it its name, while the threat display of the Copperhead is..
25. TRUE or FALSE. The Great Blue Heron prefers to hunt while wading in water over 18” deep.
26. When building the backyard pond, the best technique to eliminate predation from wading predators is to make the sides and shelf                      .
27. TRUE or FALSE. The best two ways to keep Raptors from taking your fish are to hide them from view and block access.
28. TRUE or FALSE. Mink pose even more problems than Otters because they’re larger, and travel and hunt in groups.
29. The two attributes that make Raccoons fearsome predators are their intelligence and their                      .
30. The only surefire way to keep any of the rodents, from rats and chipmunks to muskrats and nutria, from doing serious damage is to..