Game-changing Technologies to Avoid Costly, Disruptive Dredging

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Over time, sludge builds up and stores nutrients, like phosphorus, increasing the risk for algae, odors, and other quality issues in your lakes and ponds. While often overlooked in the near term, it will also one day likely lead to very costly and disruptive dredging. There are several management best practices that can help to mitigate these problems, but when that is not enough, you can now turn to newer innovative technologies that are changing the game in water quality management.

Pond with vegetated shoreline buffer

Anyone responsible for managing a lake or pond should already be implementing best practices such as aeration, vegetated shoreline buffers, responsible application of fertilizer within the watershed, and keeping leaf litter, grass clippings, and other organic debris out of the water, as well as the ditches and pipes that direct stormwater flow into the water body. These are all excellent ways to help mitigate nutrient pollution and stabilize shorelines to prevent erosion and excess sedimentation.

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which these best practices alone will not be enough to sustain the health of your water body for the long term. Breaking the cycle of regular algae growth, which is not only unsightly and unhealthy but also leads to muck accumulations as the algae is treated and sinks, will be imperative to your short and long-term management objectives. When your other efforts in prevention are failing or you are simply looking for better results, it is time to look to newly available technologies to do for you what other options cannot.

SchlixX Plus, for example, is a breakthrough solution for balanced, healthy, and functional waterbodies that can fill this gap. Unlike other products that offer phosphorus binding, sludge reduction, or pH stabilization, this game-changing technology can do all three in a single application. Better yet, it provides sustained activity in the water for 4-6 weeks and it leaves nothing behind. No residues, no by-products… just clean, healthy water on top with considerably less organic sludge on the bottom following a single application.

Poor water quality and costly dredging can certainly be avoided to keep community residents happy and golfers playing on the course with little to no disruption to the surrounding grass and turf. Reducing man hours and long-term material costs with new innovations that provide quick results in lake and pond management is a huge benefit to all.   

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After decades of success in Europe, Oase Professional brings its award-winning Lake Therapy technologies and solutions to the US to help combat your toughest lake and pond problems, whether it’s too much organic sludge, too many nutrients or too little oxygen. We supply innovative product solutions, that are holistic and environmentally friendly, to lake and pond management companies, golf courses, municipalities and others, using nature to our advantage and leaving nothing behind but beautiful, healthy water.

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