Beneficial Bacteria Technologies for Improved Lake and Pond Health

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When pond maintenance, aeration and natural beneficial bacteria are not enough, supplementing with new technologies is your ideal solution. 

Maintaining a healthy and balanced water body requires ongoing maintenance, aeration and an abundant population of beneficial bacteria. When a lake or pond is balanced, the chances of algae blooms, foul odors, fish kills and organic sediment buildup lessens significantly. And while beneficial bacteria occurs naturally in lakes and ponds, sometimes, despite our best efforts, lake and pond water quality can suffer. Supplemental beneficial bacteria paired with complementary technologies can significantly enhance the quality of your water, reduce sediment issues and improve your lake or pond’s overall health. 

Many of us already know the importance of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in maintaining a healthy, balanced pond and ecosystem. These bacteria help to reduce nutrients, therefore limiting excessive algae growth. They improve dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and water clarity and prevent sludge buildup that accumulates in lakes and ponds by breaking down organic matter, such as decaying leaves, dead plant material, excess fish food and waste faster than it accumulates. And ultimately helps to eliminate noxious odors, which wreak havoc on homeowners, golfers, anglers, boaters and others trying to enjoy the surrounding water body. 

When natural beneficial bacteria is not enough, the next step is to assess and test your waterbody and determine if and how much supplemental beneficial bacteria is necessary. This process, known as bioaugmentation, can help restore the natural balance of your lake or pond and improve water quality. 

Various bacterial supplements are available, each catering to specific needs. The 8lb Block, for example, offers ongoing bacterial maintenance and is designed to provide time-released addition of beneficial bacteria to your body of water for up to 60 days. The block sits at the bottom of the lake or pond and helps maintain a proper biological balance in the water by improving dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and helping to reduce ammonia and nitrite levels, as well as noxious odors caused by hydrogen sulfide, dead plant material, and fish waste. Additionally, these bacteria will help with the continued digestion of organic matter in the sediment.

And for a power boost, combining any beneficial bacteria product with the application of SchlixX will improve the efficacy of your treatment by slowly releasing oxygen into the bottom sediment and binding available phosphorus over a 4-6 week period, while also buffering pH for biological efficiency.  Greater sequestration of nutrients and accelerating sediment digestion will improve the overall health of your waterbody greatly reduce the man-hours and other products needed to maintain the lake or pond.  In the long term this will also reduce the need for disruptive and costly dredging. Contact one of our in-house experts to find out which solutions are best for your specific water bodies. 

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