How to Install a 3 Piece Natural Basalt Kit

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Create a water feature with ease with Atlantic’s 3 Piece Natural Basalt Kit! Atlantic Basalt Kits have everything included to create a working water feature with natural stone with minimal time and effort. In this blog and our YouTube video, we’ll walk you through every step of installing a 3 Piece Basalt Kit!

3 piece basalt fountains in a backyard setting with decorative rocks and flowers and plants surrounding

What’s Included in the 3 Piece Natural Basalt Kit?

How to Install

The 3 Piece Basalt Column Kit, with two people, should take less than two hours to install! We’ve created a how to install videos to help walk you through the process.

In our install videos, we show you how to complete this water feature, step by step: excavating, installing the basin, installing the plumbing and adjusting the columns.

Watch our how to install video here!

Tools You’ll Need

For the Excavation

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Tamper

For Setting the Basin

  • 4ft Level

For the Plumbing

  • Tubing Cutters or PVC Saw
  • Screw Driver or Nut Driver

Step-By-Step: Installing the 3-Piece Basalt Column Kit

Excavating & Installing the Basin

After selecting the site, excavate a five foot diameter circle about 18″ deep, leaving the soil evenly spread around the perimeter. Level and tamp the bottom of the hole. Place the Fountain Basin in the hole orienting the pump chamber towards the electric supply.

Man installing a fountain basin in a hole in the ground

Please note: you will need to provide 115V service for the pump and optional lights within ten feet of the Basin. Check that the Basin is level.

The matched Fountain Basin, Pump and plumbing kit make installing the Triple Basalt Columns easy. To make it even easier, remove the basin to install the pump and Diverter before setting it in the hole.

Installing the Plumbing

Following the provided diagram, thread the Male Adapter into the top of the pump, glue the Street 90 into the Male Adapter and the close nipple into the other side of 90. Glue the 45 degree elbow to the nipple, then loosely fit the rubber coupling over the 45. Insert the 3-Way Diverter into the hole on the side of the pump chamber, then tighten the rubber coupling around the 3-Way Valve and the 45 elbow to complete the pump installation

Image with man putting the plumbing on a TT-2000 fountain pump. The pump is sitting on to of a fountain basin with a 3-Way Diverter and glue sitting next to the pump. Text in bullets in image write out the steps for installing the fountain plumbing: 
-Thread the male adapter into the top of the pump
-Glue the street 90 into the male adapter
-and the close nipple into the other side of the 90
-Fit the rubber coupling over the 45
-Insert the 3-Way Diverter
-Tighten the rubber coupling

If you desire, it’s easiest to install the Automatic Fill Valve now also (Not Included). Drill a 7/8″ hole on the outside wall between the pump chamber and the conduit chases and install the valve following the included directions.

Replace the basin in the excavation and check again that it is level in all directions. Connect the Autofill, then backfill and lightly step the soil in around the edges.

Installing the Columns

It doesn’t matter which columns you use where, but it is easiest to plumb the longest, outside tubing run first, then the middle, then the short inside run. Figure out which column you are setting to the right of the pump chamber, where the longest run of tubing will end.

Man installing a basalt column fountain. The basalt rock column is laying on its side with the tubing installed in the inside core. The man is lining the outmost plumbing channel in the fountain basin

Move the column to the top of the basin, aligning the hole in the bottom with the plumbing channel. Carefully, lean the column over and set it on its side with the bottom of the basin still lined up with the channel. Push one end of the kink-free tubing up into the column from the bottom out the top.

Close up image of basalt rock column fountain being sat up straight on a fountain basin. There is a lot of excess plumbing tubing on top of the basin waiting to be cut to length

To keep the water from running back down the bore alongside the tubing, instead out of the top of the column, you will need to apply putty to the tubing at the top of the column. Sealing around the tubing keeps all the water bubbling out the top of the column and keeps water from freezing and expanding inside the column, potentially damaging the column in a cold snap.

Then run the tubing back along the outside channel to the 3-Way Diverter. Set the column upright so that the tubing sits in the plumbing chase. Cut the tubing and slip it on the barbed outlet of the outside valve.

Repeat for the other two columns.

When all three Columns are connected, open all three valves on the 3-Way Diverter, fill the basin and plug in the pump. Adjust the valves as needed to balance the flow starting with the shortest column, then the middle, finally the tallest. Remove the valve handles and store, then cover the basin with the ¾” or larger gravel of your choice.

3 basalt rock column fountains sitting on top of a fountain basin with water coming out of the top of the fountains. Man in picture is adjusting the flow of water out of the fountain

Installing Optional Lighting

Columns can be lit two different ways – from the inside and from the outside. To light Atlantic’s Basalt Columns from the inside, use Atlantic’s Fountain Lights. To light from the outside, use Atlantic’s Spotlights or Ring Light.

To make lighting the plume of water at the top of the column from the inside easier, Atlantic takes two extra steps that others don’t. First, Atlantic bores the entire column to 1 3/8″ in diameter, large enough to accommodate both the tubing and the light cord. Then, Atlantic opens the bore at the top of the column to a full 2″ in diameter, creating a pocket 5″ deep, where the water comes out. This larger pocket helps to buffer the jet of water shooting up from the stone and also accommodates 2″ diameter fountain lights. These fountain lights cannot be directly seen in the pocket. This gives the effect of a liquid torch at the top of the stone at night.

Basalt rock column laying on its side next to a fountain basin with an arrow drawn pointing to the bored hole in the center of the column. The arrow pointing at the diameter of the bored center is 1 3/8th inch

You can also combine the fountain lights with external lights. Set small spotlights at the base of the stones to shine upwards onto their sides or place a ring light in the center of the group of three columns .

If you have decided to illuminate the water flowing out of the tops of the Basalt Columns, to give an attractive “liquid torch” effect, install Atlantic Fountain Lights before installing the plumbing.

Attach the light to the fitting, gluing the light into the fitting if necessary. Thread the light cord through the Column from the top out the bottom and pull the cord through, leaving the light a few inches from the top of the column. Push one end of the roll of tubing up from the bottom of the column to the top until it sticks out a few inches, then insert the barbed fitting into the tubing. Apply the included putty to the bottom of the light as shown.

Basalt column rock fountain laying on its side with plumbing through the hole. The man is attaching the fountain light to the plumbing and applying the putty to the bottom of the light. There are bullet points explaining the installation steps for the fountain light:
-Insert the barb fitting into the tubing
-Apply the putty to the bottom of the light
-Push light down the 5" deep pocket

Gently push the light down into the 5 inch deep pocket at the top of the column, using the other end of the tubing to press the putty firmly but gently into the pocket. Do not pull on the tubing, to avoid disconnecting the light.

Carefully stand the column up, making sure the tubing and the light cord are safely seated in the channel under the column, and not pinched.

3 piece basalt column rock fountains running with lights inside the columns and aiming on the outside. The column fountains are in a backyard setting with decorative rocks around the base covering the fountain basin and plants and flowers surrounding the fountain

Now you know all the steps to create your own 3 Piece Natural Basalt Column Kit on your own!

Be sure to check out our YouTube for more how to install videos! And if you create your own Basalt Column fountain set, be sure to tag us in your pictures on social media!

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