Get To Know: Oase ProfiClear Premium Pump Fed Drum Filter – Unboxing

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Let’s get to know the Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Pump Fed Filters! In our new Get To Know series, we walk you through everything you need to know about each Atlantic and Oase water feature product.

In this video, we will be unboxing the ProfiClear Premium Compact M Pump Fed Filter. Watch the video below for an in-depth overview of the ProfiClear!

Let’s break it down!

ProfiClear Premium filters are split into two types by the way water moves through the filters. The Gravity Flow filter, which we’ll talk about in another blog and video, is a modular system that differs significantly from the Pump Fed filters we’re looking at today. The main difference being that wastes are drawn in by gravity as water is pumped out of the filter. In contrast, the ProfiClear Premium Pump Fed filters are fed by a pump that is typically set in the bottom of the pond.

There are two sizes of ProfiClear Premium Pump Fed filters: Compact M and Compact L. Today, we will focus on smaller Pump Fed ProfiClear Premium Compact M. 

ProfiClear Premium Compact-M Pump fed and ProfiClear Compact-L Pump fed product chart with specs and dimensions
Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-M (Item #: 72374) and ProfiClear Premium Compact-L (Item 3: 73379) product images

Smaller is relative; the first thing you’ll notice is the filter’s size – and weight. This is a substantial piece of equipment, requiring at least two, or better yet, four people to move, one on each of the four handles. But the filtering capacity, at up to 21 thousand gallons for ponds with light fish loads, is equally substantial.

ProfiClear Premium Compact-M diagram pointing out 4" debris outlet, 2" inlet and UV caps

The next thing you’ll notice are the multiple connections the filter offers. On one of the short sides there’s a 4” debris outlet for screened wastes and a 2” inlet above two capped ports where an UltraViolet Clarifier can be connected.

ProfiClear Premium Compact-M diagram pointing out 4" return

On the opposite side of the filter is the 4” return that flows clean water back to the pond by gravity.

ProfiClear Premium Compact-M diagram pointing out 3" sludge drain

To clean, drain and winterize the unit, there’s a slide valve that operates a 3” sludge drain, on the same side as the 4” debris outlet, for easy connection of both to a waste drain. 

Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • Instruction manual package
  • Controller assembly
  • Miscellaneous parts and fittings (we’ll get into those below)
  • (2) 20L bags of Hel-X Bio-media

The manual is no less substantial than the filter, a necessity with such an advanced design. You may choose to allow the filter to clean and clear your pond completely automatically, but you also have complete control over every parameter for customization if you wish.

The controller attaches to stainless steel stud pre-installed on the outside of the filter on either of the two short sides, so you can set it up in the way best for your installation.

ProfiClear Premium Compact-M controller pointing out the digital display screen

It has a digital screen that displays the temperature and offers on board control of basic features. The controller can be connected to the optional Easy Garden Control system that offers remote WiFi control of all EGC components, including ProfiLux lights and EcoExpert pumps. 

Man pointing out ProfiClear Premium Compact-M fittings on a table: stud covers, aerator fittings and cable ties

There’s a bag containing stud covers, cable ties and fittings for an optional aerator.

Man pointing out ProfiClear Premium Compact-M fittings on a table: silicone grease, caps and washers

A tube of silicone grease is supplied for the drum seal, with spare washers and caps.

Man pointing out ProfiClear Premium Compact-M fittings on a table: 4 inch adapter and flat gaskets

An outlet fitting with gasket adapts the waste outlet to standard 4″ Schedule 40 pipe.

Man pointing out ProfiClear Premium Compact-M fittings on a table: 1.5 inch hose fitting, union nut, hose clamp, 2 inch fitting, 2 inch elbow and flat gaskets

The black fittings include a set of 2” quick connect hose and pipe fittings for the inlet from the pump, and the connection hardware necessary for the installation of an optional but recommended Bitron UltraViolet Clarifier.

Man pointing out ProfiClear Premium Compact-M fittings on a table: 2 inch 45 degree elbows, union nuts, flat gaskets and 1.5-2 inch PVC unions

There are two union fittings that either work with either 1.5″ or 2″ schedule 40 pipe and two directional elbows that direct the flow from the UV with gaskets.

Man pointing out 4 inch rubber coupling installed to ProfiClear Premium Compact-M. Text states Not Included

The only fitting that is not included is a 4″ rubber coupling to connect the filter to a 4″ PVC return line back to the pond. When sized properly for the fish load, and combined with the recommended pump and UVC, the ProfiClear filters qualify for the Oase Clear Water Guarantee – that you’ll be able to read the end of a tape measure down 3’ under water. 

Oase Hel-X Bio-medi bag

Included with your ProfiClear are Two 20-liter bags of Hel-X Bio-media. Hel-X Bio-media provides a substrate for bacteria that detoxify ammonia from fish wastes. The media float freely in the water of the moving bed section of the filter. Bacterial colonies growing on the protected inner surfaces of the cylindrical media thrive in the aerated water, while the constant agitation keeps the colonies free of debris. The media are added one bag at a time over the course of a couple of weeks, and require another couple of weeks to become fully colonized even under ideal conditions. Once established, this highly efficient system can break down up to 9.5oz/270 grams of food a day. An additional 20 liters of media can be added for increased digestion of up to 14.4oz./408grams per day.

Man pointing showing the installation of optional AquaOxy 450 to ProfiClear Premium Compact-M

Connect an optional AquaOxy 450 aerator (purchased separately) to the two integrated air diffusers pre-installed at the bottom of the moving bed chamber for additional aeration to boost ammonia conversion.

Man pointing out ProfiClear Premium Compact-M lid opened showing the sensor that shuts down the drum when opened

Lifting the lid reveals the sensor that shuts down drum operation when the lid is open.

Underneath are the two chambers of the filter, the screened drum filter and the moving bed chamber. In operation, up to 4000 gallons per hour of dirty water pumped into the drum has to pass through six 80-micron screens around the drum’s circumference.

Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-M  drum filter opened up with arrows pointing the direction where the filtered water will go

The mechanically filtered water then passes through screened ports into the moving bed chamber for ammonia removal.

When the flow through the screens slows as the inside surfaces become obstructed with debris, the dirty water inside the drum starts to back up.

As the water rises inside the drum, a float switch detects the increase in water level, starts the rotation of the drum and activates the high-pressure pump that sprays the trapped debris off the screens.

A tray inside the top of the drum opposite the spray heads captures the debris and routes the stream of dirty water out the 4” debris outlet.

The screens are removable for maintenance or replacement and can be exchanged out for screens of varying micron ratings for special applications. 

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