• LED Spotlights create focal points in and around the water feature
  • Atlantic's compact solid brass Spotlights with oil rubbed bronze finish blend into any landscape or water feature
  • Small remote drivers 18" from light decrease heat and pull through 1" sweeps
  • Submersible lights function equally well out of water and throughout the landscape
  • LED units inside lights are easily replaceable
  • Spotlights feature quick-connect plug for easy installation
  • Flat 2-wire cord can be cut, stripped and tied into existing systems



The enemy of any Light Emitting Diode (LED) is heat. Because LEDs draw more current as they heat up, they are susceptible to "thermal runaway", where current draw heats up the diode, which draws more current, until the diode burns itself up. The LED driver,a self-contained, regulated DC power source, controls thermal runaway by maintainingconstant current. To reduce heat even more, Atlantic has moved the drivers from inside the light to the power cord, to maximize LED lifespan.