Atlantic's Fountain Systems are the easiest, fastest, and strongest way to build a water feature on or into any horizontal surface. Heavy-duty matched components make setting, plumbing, and running your feature simple. Componenents are designed to work together to beautify any landscape. With systems that will handle any size, any shape and any load, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Systems can be installed in hardscapes or landscapes, in-ground or above-ground, indoors or outdoors for maximum versatility
  • Fountain Basins with integrated internal supports handle more weight with greater stability
  • Two sizes of Three Way Diverters make plumbing and flow control of multiple fountain pieces simple and easy
  • Topside plumbing and tubing channels allow for above water installation and adjustment, no need to get wet
  • Eco-Rise systems with Atlantic's Eco-Blox modular reservoirs support any weight, any size, and any number of decorative elements in any configuration
  • OASE Water Entertainment delights the senses with illuminated laminar streams and dancing jets

Fountain Basin System

  1. Molded as one piece, support cones from the bottom of the basins are fused to the flat top panel, integrating the two planes for exceptional strength.
  2. Large access door makes pump installation and maintenance easy.
  3. Complete plumbing kits for decorative items include flow controls and pump connections for FP, MD, TW and TT Pumps.
  4. The Triton 3-Way Diverter features a 1½” inlet for unrestricted flow to three ¾” outlets. True ball’ style valves with removable handles enable independent flow adjustments to each outlet without moving the decorative gravel.
  5. Built-in channels allow the plumbing to run on top of the basin, simplifying installation and adjustments.
  6. Recesses allow 1½” conduit to be installed within the radius of the basin, providing easy access to the pump cord and lighting wiring when the basin is installed. 1½” cord stoppers are supplied with all Fountain Basin Plumbing kits.
  7. The ability to install and access an Auto Fill Valve eliminates the needto manually add water to the system.
  8. Pair Atlantic Warm White and Color Changing Lighting with Fountain Systems to add dramatic appeal after dark.


Eco-Rise System

  1. Create reservoirs of practically any size, shape or volume, supporting any number of decorative items with Eco-Blox Water Matrix Blocks in a lined excavation
  2. Small Eco-Blox at 9" tall require half the excavation but maintain full weight capacity of Large Eco-Blox
  3. Individually control up to 6 decorative features with every PV7500 pump vault, using dual pumps and dual Eco-Rise Diverters
  4. Eco-Rise raises, supports and allows effortless adjustment of decorative items without damage to lighting and plumbing
  5. Mounted into molded pocket, Eco-Rise Diverter directs up to 1,250 gph per 1" outlet to each of up to 3 high flow features
  6. Plumb and illuminate any size, number or configuration of decorative fountain pieces