• Nozzles direct water in decorative patterns or shapes in fountain applications
• Atlantic’s Nozzles are designed to take advantage of higher volume, lower pressure, energy-efficient asynchronous pumps
• Higher volume Nozzles with larger openings are less susceptible to clogging and wind deflection 
• Atlantic Nozzles are 304 stainless steel for performance and longevity
• Stainless steel Nozzle Adjustment Base allows for vertical alignment of any nozzle, up to 15° degrees off vertical


Multi-Jet Nozzle Spec Chart

• Multi-Jet Nozzle creates a thick vertical column with 17 jets
• Nozzle functions independently of water level
• Wind resistant jet designed for larger water features



Arching Spray Nozzles Spec Chart

• Arching Spray Nozzle creates single central jet and 18 arching sprays
• Nozzle functions independently of water level
• Best for circular patterns in larger fountains


Nozzle Adjustment Base Spec Chart

•  Nozzle Adjustment Base corrects misalignment of up to 15° off vertical