Water Jet Lightning Spec Chart

  • Laminar water projectors shoot a continuous, unbroken stream of water
  • OASE Water Jet Lightning Kit creates dual illuminated laminar water arches to dazzle and delight right out of the box
  • Four pre-programmed effects with variations in jet height, jet lengths and RGB colors
  • High quality stainless steel base can be bolted onto different substrates
  • With remotely located pump, jet units can be placed in or out of water
  • Adjustable base plate pivots from 45° to 90°, allowing for a variety of jet shapes
  • Compact, easy to conceal external control system features a remote with a range of up to 250 feet without obstruction and connect up to 10 systems controlling 20 jets



The Water Jet Lightning achieves a perfect unbroken tube of water by creating a laminar flow in the same way our Colorfalls creates a laminar sheet of water. All the bubbles and turbulence have been removed and all of the water is moving in the same direction. Because water is attracted to itself, its strong cohesion aligns the water surface in a clean cylinder as it is emited from the jet unit. The other remarkable attribute of laminar water flow is that it can carry light in the same way as fiber optic can. Protect the stream from wind to maintain its perfect appearance.