Eco-Rise Spec Chart

  • Atlantic’s innovative weight distribution ring with plumbing and lighting ports supports fountain pieces directly on Eco-Blox reservoirs 
  • Pipe and cord chases provide space for plumbing and light cords to pass under and into decorative pieces without damage
  • The Eco-Rise System solves weight and splash limitations of traditional molded fountain basins with a weight capacity of 1,200 or 3,000 pounds per respective Eco-Rise
  • Reinforced radial structure distributes the weight of statuary, vases adn columns over multiple Eco-Blox vertical support panels
  • Inverted design of 12" injection molded Eco-Rise allows preplumbed, drop in installation of decorative pieces
  • 12" Eco-Rise can be cut to accommodate both inlets on copper and brass bowls & vases

Eco-Rise System