With all the surface area but 25% less weight than lava rock and half the weight of gravel, expanded clay Bio-Rocks are the more stable, less abrasive alternative to heavyweight bio-media. Use 1 box of 0.5 cubic feet of Bio-Rocks per Media Bag.




Atlantic’s BB1500 contains 150 extremely durable, lightweight Bio-Balls that are easy to clean and reduce channeling. Each ball is 1." in diameter and has nearly 25 square inches of surface area for bacterial colonization. Use one box per Media Bag.





Atlantic’s Bio-Tech Media is an economical, lightweight way to add biofiltration to your ecosystem. Atlantic’s Media Bags are made with triple-stitched, heavy-duty netting and have a convenient drawstring to secure the media within your FilterFalls. Whether using with Bio-Tech Media, Bio-Balls or Bio-Rocks, Atlantic’s Media Bags are meant to last.






Customize your FilterFalls with three-stage Matala Filter Kits. Coarse, medium and fine Matala filter mats reduce channeling, increase surface area and backwash more easily than standard filter mats. Add over 300 ft2 of additional Specific Surface Area per kit, up to 2 kits per FilterFalls.








When used with Matala Filter Kits, Atlantic’s professional Back Flush Kit virtually eliminates FilterFalls maintenance. Add a Back Flush Kit to FilterFalls for fast, convenient, powered backwashing to save you time, trouble and a whole lot of mess.