Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundles

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  • List Price: $1,284.99
  • Model: BNDL CC24
  • Item: 87756
  • Tubing Size: 1½" x 9' Sch 40 Flexible PVC
  • Basin Size: CFBASINKIT24
  • Pump: TT3000
Product Details

Atlantic's Project Bundles include all the Atlantic components you need, ready to be assembled into the water feature of your dreams. Project Bundles are an assembly of all Atlantic components needed to add a water feature to a new or existing hardscape. Build a beautiful Formal Spillway using your choice of stone. Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundles include Color Changing Colorfalls, Formal Spillway Basin, pump, plumbing and glue. Project Bundles shown with circle stone and 4" x 8" x 12" stone, but adapt to a variety of engineered stone sizes. Choose from 3 different spillway widths, 12", 24" and 36" and basin to fit any location. Project Bundles show Color Changing Colorfalls at 16" above basin level, but plumbing will accommodate varying heights. The BNDL CC24 includes a 24" Color Changing Colorfalls, CFBASINKIT24 and TT3000 pump.

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