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  • List Price: $1,481.99
  • Model: PK161515
  • Item: 74239
  • Tubing Size: 1.5" x 25'
  • Pond Size: 11'L x 11'W
  • Liner Size: 15' x 15'
  • FilterFalls: BF1600
  • Skimmer: PS3900
  • FallsFoam: 12oz. - #74198/LF1100
  • Underlayment: 12' x 12'
  • Auto Fill: #74246 / AF1000
  • Check Valve: Triton Check Valve - #74222/TR215CV
  • Pump: TT3000
  • Includes: Installation Kit w/ PVC glue and thread sealant
Product Details

Atlantic’s Small Water Garden Kits, save you time and money by avoiding costly mismatching and multiple trips to the store. The Skimmer, FilterFalls, pump and accessories are designed to work together to eliminate any guesswork. The energy efficient pumps keep operating costs under control. The Small Water Garden Kit includes a TR215CV Triton Check Valve, heavy duty underlayment and an AF1000 Auto Fill. The complete installation kit includes fittings, a thread sealant, PVC glue and a 12 oz. LF1100 FallsFoam. The PK161515 has a liner size of 15’ x 15’, a BF1600, a PS3900, a TT3000, 1.5” x 25’ tubing and can fit a pond size of 11’L x 11’W.

  • Triton Check Valve
  • Heavy-duty underlayment 
  • AF1000 Auto Fill
  • Complete installation kit includes fittings, thread sealant, PVC spray glue and (2) 12oz. FallsFoam

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