Triton Ionizer

  • Ionizers mineralize the water to keep water features clean and clear with minimal oversight
  • Atlantic's TRION3 Ionizer integrates seamlessly with the TR215CV Check Valve
  • Easily installed in any new or existing water feature, clears water without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Level of mineralizaton is controlled by the LED panel
  • Treats ponds up to 25,000 gallons, safe for fish and plants when used correctly
  • Electrodes are easily replaced without tools
  • Includes 1" to 1.5" tapered insert fittings for connection to metric and ASTM standard tubing


Download our “Triton Ionizer” app on the App Store and Google Play to wirelessly control the TRION3 Ionizer from your smartphone or tablet. 

  • The Ionizer app allows you to adjust the level of ionization and turn the power on/off
  • Conductivity alert will inform you if your water is not conductive enough for selected ionization level
  • Customize network name and password for secure access
  • Effortlessly switch between multiple Ionizers in Wi-Fi settings to control different water features with custom network names and passwords for secure access
  • Available for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets

Ionizer Accessories


Triton Ionizer with pumps





When plumbed to the outlet of a pump, the Triton Ionizer delivers highly effective copper ions that attach to organic material, effectively removing it from the water column. A microcurrent of electricity separates the ions from the copper electrodes as the flow of water carries the ions into the water feature. A microprocessor allows fine adjustment and balances the consumption of the electrodes for complete control and long life.