• OASE EasyPick premium pond pliers facilitate the removal of large debris, cuttings or leaves in and around the pond
  • Adjustable 78" telescoping handle reaches into the most inaccessible corners and depths, no need to get wet
  • Rubberized triple gripper for firm and secure holds of even slippery debris






  • 2 in 1 pond scissors that simultaneously cut and hold pruned aquatic material
  • Adjustable head accomodates multiple working angles to protect the pond liner from cuts
  • Also suitable for cutting terrestrial plants and thin branches






  • Perfect for skimming, strong enough to remove wet leaves and muck
  • Coated frame protects pond liner and fish
  • Lightweight & durable 1" diameter handle telescopes from 46" to 63" for maximum versatility






  • Durable plastic mesh allows aquatic plant roots to more efficiently remove excess nutrients from the water column
  • Strong construction keeps plants under control over multiple growing seasons
  • Makes pruning, fertilizing and maintenance more convenient

Aqua Plant Basket