Pond & Garden Protector

  • The Pond and Garden Protector features fiberglass supports that elevate the netting to keep leaves and other wind blown debris out of your pond or garden
  • Domed design allows pond and garden plants to grow unobstructed under netting
  • UV-resistant poly netting extends usable life
  • 0.5" x 0.5" openings protect fish from heron and other predators
  • Helps prevent algae growth in your pond by reducing organic waste that can enter your pond
  • Keep out rabbits, deer and other herbivores to protect your garden during the growning season



The Pond and Garden Protector makes an ideal instant line of defense against many types of predators including osprey, hawks, herons, egrets, kingfishers and raccoons. Once assembled it can easily be moved by one person, handy for immediate deployment or easy access to your water feature.

Visit our YouTube channel for a step-by-step video on how to assemble the Pond & Garden Protector.

Click here to download the Pond & Garden Protector instruction manual

Pond Features 

  • Keeps out leaves and other windblown debris
  • Protects fish from heron and other predators
  • Helps prevent algae growth by reducing organic waste



Garden Features

  • Protects fruiting plants and vegetables
  • Allows for sunlight and optimum plant ventilation
  • Can be covered with plastic to protect against frost