• Aeration systems maintain high oxygen levels in summer and aid in gas diffusion in winter
  • Oase OxyTex combines a high efficiency pond diffuser with high surface area filter medium
  • Provides a unique combination of gas diffusion, water circulation and nutrient decomposition
  • The ideal habitat for benefical bacteria, the OxyTex improves filtration efficiency and contibutes to a healthy pond environment
  • Supplements ammonia and nitrite removal capability of the pond bacteria
  • Designed for use with the Oase AquaOxy 450



The bacteria that decompose fish waste, primarily ammonia and nitrites, require copious amounts of oxygen to perform efficienty. The OxyTex optimizes bacterial decomposition by maximizing the amount of oxygen available to the aerobic bacteria that the pond depends on for good water quality. The grasslike filaments also provide 38 square feet of biological filter surface to vastly increase beneficial bacterial activity.