Specialty Fittings

  • Atlantic's polypropylene bulkhead fittings install in flexible and rigid reservoir walls to create secure plumbing connections with standard Schedule 40 PVC fittings
  • Reverse threaded bulkhead fittings tighten as standard fittings are screwed into them
  • Cord Seal Fitting with expanding rubber core fits inside 1.5" socket fittings to create a leak-proof seal around 0.125" - 0.375" cords
  • Cord Seal Fitting is used to pass pump and lighting cords in underwater bulkhead or conduit connections through reservoir walls
  • 1.5" Universal Union with multiple outlet options is perfect for almost all Fountain and Formal Spillway applications

Atlantic’s unique Cord Seal Fitting makes the addition of lighting to any Fountain easy and trouble-free. The specially engineered fitting clamps around the cord before inserting into any 1 1/2" slip PVC socket. Tightening the fitting expands the rubber gasket against both the cord and the inside of the fitting with a leak-proof seal. The Cord Seal Fitting includes stainless steel screws for durability and longevity.