Flexible Hardscape Basins

  • For those applications that require an open basin, Atlantic's Flexible Basins are the easiest way to waterproof your block installation
  • Reinforced 28mil PVC construction with fold out flaps and punched glue points anchor liner under capstones for security and durability
  • Unlike improvised EPDM liner basins, welded corner construction eliminates folds and wrinkles for a neat professional appearance
  • Basins are available in tan, grey and black to complement any surround up to eight-feet wide
  • Includes backing plates and bulkheads for submersible or external pumps. Use Cord Seal Fittings to pass cords
  • Perfect for Atlantic's Spillway, WaterWall and Wall Spout installations, not recommended for Colorfalls installations without a FiltoClear

For best results, fill Flexible Basin with water before finishing off the surrounding walls with caps. You'll be able to pull the flexible sides upwards and work out any wrinkles for the most attractive appearance before permanently attaching the top layer of wall blocks.

You can use the same plumbing line to flow water and pass an electrical cord of a submersible pump or light through the wall of an Atlantic Flexible Hardscape Basin. Install a Tee on each side of the bulkhead in the wall of the basin. Run the cord through a Cord Seal Fitting in the inside tee  to another in the outside tee leaving enough slack for servicing pump before tightening.