Colorfalls Chart


  • Colorfalls produce a sheer of lighted water emerging from a concealed source inside vertical walls
  • Colorfalls adapt to any wall material – pavers, tile, brick, stone, wood – the only limit is your imagination
  • Replaceable LED light bar available in three vibrant colors
  • Colorfalls feature a 5" lip, 30' power cord and includes a 12 volt outdoor transformer
  • For use with Formal Spillway Basins and Basin Kits



When installing any Colorfalls, be sure to provide a way to access the rear of the enclosure for future maintenance, changing the light bar and winterizing. Do not permanently encase any Colorfalls in stone or mortar as it will make servicing the unit difficult in the future. Use outdoor caulk instead of mortar or construction adhesive to anchor capstones over Colorfalls.


Did You Know?

The Splash Mat is one of two filters that keep the Colorfalls clean, clear and worry-free. Inside the Basin, the Matala Mat traps any debris that makes it past the Splash Mat, preventing any foreign objects from entering the pump or Colorfalls. In combination with the Auto Fill, included in every Kit, the Colorfalls system is practically maintenance free!