Clear Water Guarantee Program - We guarantee clear water or your money back!

    is comprised of 3 elements – filter, UVC and pump.   

    of products based on the size of your pond and fish load will result in crystal clear water.

     can have a Clear Water System. New construction or retrofitted to an exitsing pond. 

     by following the 4 easy steps of the Clear Water Guarantee

4 Steps to a Clear Water Guarantee

1. Determine your pond volume:

For circular ponds: Pond volume (gallons) = diameter (ft.) x diameter (ft.) x depth (ft.) x 5.9 
For rectangular ponds: Pond volume (gallons) = length (ft.) x width (ft.) x depth (ft.) x 7.5

2. Determine the fish load:

The more fish in the pond, the higher the nutrient load and the larger the filter system should be.

LIGHT - Planted ponds with few or no fish
MEDIUM - Planted ponds with 10 in. of fish per 100 gallons of water or less
HEAVY - Planted ponds with koi or 20+ in. of fish per 100 gallons of water 

3. Choose the correct filter system: 

Use the filter system chart to determine the appropriate filter system for your pond. 

4. Install and maintain the filter system:

Install the CWG products per installation instructions. Clean the filter as needed and replace the UVC bulb annually.

Not sure which products to choose? Read below for more information on each product type. 

Qualifying Filters

  • In-Pond Filter Systems, for small ponds up to 1600 gallons. All-In-One FILTRAL in-pond filters include the pump, filter media, a UVC Clarifier and 3 nozzle choices for visual appeal and added aeration.
  • Pressure Filter Systems, for medium ponds up to 8400 gallons. Fed by a filter pump in the bottom of the pond, BIOPRESS and FILTOCLEAR filters with integrated UVC Clarifiers are compact, simple to maintained and easily concealed. Sealed cannisters can be located near or far from the pond and return water up to 7’ above filter level. 
  • Flow-Through Filter Systems, for medium to large ponds up to 39 000 gallons. Mount them above pond water level and add the right pump and UVC Clarifier to BIOSMART and BIOTEC SCREENMATIC filters, and these sequential filters will return crystal clear water back into even the largest ponds by gravity.
  • Rotating Drum Filter Systems, for Koi Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools. The systems preferred by the pros, PROFICLEAR PREMIUM are sophisticated multistage filters that handle the largest and most demanding projects. Choose from pump-fed styles or gravity flow intakes with pumps located outside the pond for the ultimate in security. Connect them to Wi-Fi for the ultimate in hands-free automation.

Qualifying UVC Clarifiers

  • Vitronic. Mounted to BioSmart 5000 or 10000 filters, or standing alone, 18-Watt and 36-Watt VITRONIC UVC Clarifiers add the clearing power of ultraviolet light.
  • Bitron C. Specifically designed for larger BioTec Screenmatic and ProfiClear Premium series, but also capable of stand-alone operation, 55 Watt and 110 Watt BITRON C UVC Clarifiers feature spinning rotors to keep them clean automatically.

 Qualifying Filter Pumps

  • AquaMax Eco Classic. High efficiency pumps that deliver high volume at very conservative wattage.
  • AquaMax Eco Premium. Even higher efficiency and adjustable dual intakes set this series apart.
  • AquaMax Eco Expert. DC Brushless technology with microprocessor control make these pumps state-of-the-art. Instant variable speed provides the perfect flow for every application, Seasonal Flow Control lowers both volume and electrical consumption as temperatures decrease and freeze protection keeps these powerhouses from damage down to 4º F (-15º C). Available in 220V and low voltage 12V for the ultimate in security!

What we guarantee:

OASE has engineered specific filter systems to provide the OASE Clear Water Guarantee (CWG). Using a CWG filter system we guarantee you will be able to read the 1" marking on a tape measure when the tip is submerged to a depth of 3 feet. 

A filter system consists of: 

  • A pump to feed the water into a filter 
  • A filter that ensures biological  and mechanical cleaning 
  • A UVC clarifier to clean the green out of the water

Clear Water Guarantee Product Information & Specifications

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