IceFree 4 Seasons

  • Circulators help keep an area of the pond free of ice in winter
  • OASE IceFree 4 Seasons can be used year-round. In colder months it will keep a small hole open in the ice or in warmer months use as a decorative fountain
  • In colder seasons, it circulates warm water from the bottom to melt a small hole around the float body, no heating element necessary
  • Useful in every season, in summer IceFree 4 Seasons is an efficient and inexpensive aerator
  • Gentle circulation ensures gas diffusion of oxygen into the pond and harmful gasses out
  • Optimal gas diffusion maintains a safe environment for aquatic plants and animals
  • Requires a depth of at least 30" for unit to function in low temperatures
  • Float body is designed to evenly disperse the water onto the pond’s surface
  • Extremely energy-efficient pump requires only 6 watts