ProfiLux Garden LED RGB

  • The OASE Easy Garden Control system operates and monitors EGC devices via WiFi applications, either locally or over the internet
  • EGC-enabled filters, pumps and lights are directly linked to the EGC Cloud Controller with Connection Cables and controlled by the OASE Easy Control application
  • The free Easy Control app individually reads and regulates any combination of up to 10 EGC pumps, filters or LED controllers on any Apple or Android platform
  • For local control of the hardwired network within 260' of the Cloud Controller, the OASE Easy Control application connects directly to the Controller
  • For world-wide control, link the Cloud Controller to a home router to enable the app to control the devices through the OASE Cloud at
  • Controller mounts conveniently on a wall or in the ground with included stake and mounting hardware
  • The controller housing has an IP64 waterproof rating allowing for all-season outdoor use
  • All compatible devices connect to each other by cables to in/out plugs on devices
  • All components are individually controlled regardless of their location in the chain of devices

EGC System

OASE Easy Control App

EGC Accessories 

ProfiLux Garden LED RGB

  • Connection Cables are special cables for bi-directional communication between EGC devices
  • Cable Connector EGC with plug on one side and socket on the other allows watertight connect of 2 EGC cables
  • 4-wire shielded Cable and Connector plug-and-socket connections are completely waterproof for underwater use